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Several high-profile youth sports organizations have recently come under fire for rampant allegations of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of coaches and trainers. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse by a coach or trainer, please contact the New York sports sexual abuse lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi immediately to discuss your case. We want to help you receive the support you deserve.

Why Choose Us?

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are dedicated to helping anybody who has been a survivor of sexual abuse as a member of a youth sports organization.

  • We have over two decades of experience successfully representing survivors of sexual assault and abuse.
  • Helping survivors is our primary priority. We pursue financial compensation from coaches, trainers, and athletic programs not for profit or monetary gain, but to hold them accountable for their negligent actions.
  • We respect your privacy and your situation, so we take cases on a 100% confidential basis if you prefer.

A History of Rampant Abuse in Youth Organizations

In recent years, multiple accounts of sexual assault and abuse have come out against some of the country’s most highly regarded sports organizations. This includes:

  • The USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal, in which more than 350 female athletes were sexually assaulted over two decades by coaches, staff, and other adults across the country. This includes the national team doctor Larry Nassar, who was accused of sexual assault by more than 250 national gymnasts.
  • A history of sexual misconduct allegations within Michigan State University’s athletic program –where Nassar was also the university doctor. Among these allegations included members of MSU’s football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and others. Not only were these allegations ignored, but they were covered up by the university’s program to minimize negative press.
  • Allegations of widespread sexual assault and abuse in figure skating. A report released by the U.S. Center for SafeSport discovered multiple instances of assault of minors, breeding a culture of grooming and abuse. This all stemmed from an investigation following the suicide of skater John Loughlin, who was later accused of having abused his then-14-year-old skating partner for over two years – along with 10 other skaters.
  • The ban of weightlifter Colin Burns over the alleged rape of Jennyfer Roberts during a Team USA trip. The ban, directed by SafeSport, was later overturned by an appeal from Burns. Roberts is now filing a suit against Burns, USA Weightlifting, and the US Olympic Committee for their handling of the incident.

Why Do You Need a Sports Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

If you are a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, an attorney can be invaluable in your fight for justice. An experienced lawyer is understanding of the struggles you may be experiencing as a result of your case and will fight on your behalf to secure the compensation you deserve. Legal assistance can:

  • Help you take care of all the legal proceedings while you can focus on healing and recovery.
  • Allow you to remain 100% confidential through your fight, so that you can protect your identity and your privacy.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum possible compensation for your damages.
  • Hold any and all responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.

Ultimately, a skilled lawyer can provide passionate support in a time of need.

We Can Hold All Parties Liable

In many abuse cases involving youth sports organizations, there are often multiple parties who can be held liable beyond the offenders who have directly committed these heinous crimes.

  • Staff, trainers, and other associates can be held liable if they were aware of the incident but failed to report it.
  • Any youth sports organizations, such as USA Gymnastics, may be held liable if they were aware of the incidents and failed to act on them.
  • Any governing bodies, such as SafeSport, may also be held accountable if they did not fully investigate the matters, providing substandard, negligent care to the survivors of abuse.

Essentially, any party who knew that abuse was going on and failed to act on it may be considered complicit and therefore held liable.

Contact a New York Sports Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one is a survivor of abuse in a youth sports organization, you deserve justice – and the responsible parties deserve to be held liable for their crimes. Contact us today to discuss your case – let us help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve.


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