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In August 2019, it was reported that individuals within the Boy Scouts of America organization allegedly abused more than 800 men across the United States when they were children within the popular youth group.

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we understand the seriousness of these allegations, and we are here to help anybody who may have been sexually abused or assaulted by a member of the Boy Scouts. I f you or a loved one is a survivor to Boy Scouts abuse or assault, please contact our New York Boy Scout sexual abuse attorneys today.

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Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is dedicated to helping survivors of institutional sexual abuse and assault seek justice and closure for any crimes committed upon them.

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Allegations Against the Boys Scouts of America

There has been an unfortunate history of sexual abuse and assault within the Boy Scouts organization, with recent developments further demonstrating the organization’s despicable actions.

  • On August 4, a report was released on behalf of more than 800 men who alleged that they were sexually abused as children by scoutmasters while they were in Boy Scouts. These reports of abuse date as far back as the 1970s.
  • On August 14, the New York Child Victims Act went into effect in the state, opening a one-year window for survivors of child abuse to file a civil claim against any liable parties – regardless of statue of limitations. Since that window was opened, there have been at least 24 lawsuits filed against the organization for child abuse and assault.
  • On December 1, a new law in New Jersey takes effect, which revises the state’s statute of limitations for civil claims. Multiple survivors are already planning to file a suit when this time comes – including a group of 150 survivors of Boy Scouts child abuse within the state.

The sheer volume of lawsuits filed against the organization since 2017 have been so large that it has briefly considered filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Who is Liable for Boy Scouts Child Abuse?

Although the offender who is directly responsible for the abuse is responsible for his or her criminal actions, the Boy Scouts of America also has some responsibility for the actions of their volunteers.

  • Since 1919, the organization has kept a comprehensive database of volunteers who have had a history of pedophilia and predatory behavior.
  • In 1972, a letter was addressed to all executives in the organization detailing the proper course of action in the event of “inappropriate behavior.” Although much of it involved reporting the offense to higher-ups and promptly dismissing the offender, none of the courses of action involved reporting the offense to law enforcement.

Although the organization’s current course of action regarding sexual abuse is unclear, it has continuously failed to take proper action following events of abuse and predatory behavior. This negligence means that they may hold some accountability for the hundreds of reported cases of child abuse over decades of time.

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If you or a loved one is a survivor of child abuse within the Boy Scouts of America, please contact us immediately to discuss your case. Let us give you the support and compensation you deserve, and let us hold the responsible parties accountable for their disgusting actions.

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