Former Syracuse University Coach and Counselor Accused of Four Decades of Sexual Abuse of Minors and Teens

Posted in Firm News on August 2, 2019

On June 19th 2019, Conrad Mainwaring was arrested and charged with sexual battery by fraud. A comprehensive investigation found that Mainwaring, a former Olympian and coach, had a long history of sexual abuse, with 41 allegations of abuse spanning 44 years of his career.

Mainwaring, also known as Coach Avondale or Avondale Mainwaring, was employed at numerous schools, institutions, and youth camps, including:

  • Syracuse University
  • UCLA
  • USC
  • Nottingham High School
  • Caltech
  • Camp Greylock in MA

Mainwaring’s History of Sexual Abuse and Deception

As a youth coach for track athletes, Mainwaring would routinely victimize children as young as 12 with a post-workout “treatment” he referred to as “physiotherapy,” in which he would inappropriate grope and massage athletes in the genital region.

Additionally, he would pose as a guidance counselor in high schools throughout the Syracuse area, in order to molest and assault students – despite not having been employed at the school.

Although there have been 41 allegations of abuse so far, authorities and investigators believe there may be more – especially with the most recent allegation being in 2016 at UCLA.

The earliest allegations of abuse go as far back as 1975 – unfortunately well outside the statute of limitations for crimes. However, New York’s new Child Victims Act may give you the right to file a civil suit against your accuser – regardless of when your abuse took place.

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